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When you don't need a huge cake! Our loaf cakes are the perfect size to enjoy a slice with your family after a meal or in the afternoon with a friend and a cup of tea or coffee.

All of our delicious American cakes are baked in one pound trays and are perfect when you feel the need for a little indulgence.

Loaf Cake Delivery

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What is a loaf cake?

Smaller than traditional round and bigger than a mini cake, our loaf cakes are the perfect size. Baked in 1lb loaf trays and measuring 170mm x 100mm x 55mm, you won't have any issues with leftover cake!

Available in a variety of delicious American classics, our loaf cakes, which can be frozen, make the perfect treat or edible gift.

Our loaf cakes are perfect for any occasion. From our Legendary Chocolate Cake to our all-American Carrot Cake and our signature Red Velvet cake, we have a loaf cake for every celebration.