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Browse our selection of the finest
brownies & bars. Because every day
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Browse our selection of the finest brownies & bars. Because every day is a brownie day.

Heaven sent brownie

This isn't just a chocolate brownie - this will send you to chocolate heaven! Our classic brownie contains over a kilo of Belgian chocolate in every tray of 20 indulgent bars.


peanut Butter Brownie

Our classic brownie with smooth American peanut butter throughout is a Great Taste Award winner. Contains peanuts.


Raspberry brownie

Our classic brownie swirled with seedless raspberry jam and raspberry extract, topped with a a rich, chocolate ganache, with gorgeous freeze dried raspberry pieces.


Sea salted caramel brownie

Things are getting gooey. Our classic brownie with handmade sea salted caramel swirled in and on top.


Cherry & White Chocolate Brownie

Our classic brownie loaded with American cherries, cherry extract and white chocolate chips.


Drunken pig in the mud Brownie

Our classic brownie laced with sea salted caramel, soya bacon bits and whiskey. Topped with more of the same plus pecans. Contains pecan nuts.


The New Yorker Brownie

Peanut butter pretzels and smooth, handmade caramel swirled into and topping our classic brownie.

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M&m Brownie

It's a classic brownie with chocolate M&Ms – for little and big kids alike.


oreo brownie

Our classic brownie loaded and topped with pieces of the popular American cream-filled sandwich cookie.


Marzipan Brownie

Handmade marzipan chunks and almond extract add delicious almond flavour to our classic brownie.


All american Bar

From the bottom up: chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cups, Oreo cookie and brownie top. All baked together in one amazing bar. Contains peanuts.


Butterscotch caramel BAR

Butterscotch, caramel, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips and marshmallows inside and on top of a butterscotch base.


Chocolate chip cookie bar

Is it a cookie or a brownie? Half-baked chocolate chip cookie dough tops a chocolate cookie crumb base. Delicious as it is - or slightly warmed and topped with ice cream!


Pecan pie bar

Y'all have to try this classic bar from the Deep South of the US of A! We turned this pie into a wonderfully moreish bar that starts with a shortcrust base and is topped with honey, pecans and all things delicious. Contains pecan nuts.


chocolate orange brownie

Filled with orange jam and pure orange extract to give it an undeniably delicious chocolate orange taste. And it's topped off with a classic chocolate orange segment.


Mint Brownie

Our classic brownie enhanced with natural mint and topped with an After Eight mint and chocolate ganache. A classic pairing.


Gluten Free Heaven Sent Brownie

All the deliciousness of our classic brownie but gluten free. It still contains over a kilo of dark Belgian chocolate in every tray of 20 indulgent bars and will still take you to chocolate heaven!

Made in a facility where there are traces of gluten.

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Woodland truffle walnut brownie

The Yummy Yank has teamed up with Truffle Guys to bring you this indulgent taste sensation. This taste of dark Belgian chocolate, white chocolate and the earthiness of truffle and walnuts is currently only available as a special box of two brownies.


Strawberry Love BRownie

Another seasonal favourite returns! Packed full with strawberry flavour with a marshmallow fluff topping - this truly signals that Spring is here and summer's not far off!


Springtime brownie

It's back! Our beautiful Springtime Brownie - stuffed full with M&M mini eggs and wiht half a Reeces's peanut butter egg on top - this surely signals the start of Spring!

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Dairy Free Brownie

Everything you love about our classic brownie, but without any of the dairy!

Americans do it better

The Yummy Yank brownies & bars are the only truly authentic bakes in the UK. Each brownie has been created by our American founder Lisa, baked using the finest ingredients and sent with love from our Yorkshire bakery, straight to your door.


Each brownie weighs between 120-160gms and measures approximately 7cm x 7cm x 3cm - bigger than all the others!


The finest Belgian chocolate and real butter goes into every bake. We also use only free range eggs and pure vanilla extract.


Our brownies freeze for up to 6 months and last in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.
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